Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Colettes Encore Performance!

I recently bought some wooden plank bases for my Showgirls and because I had to take them off there bases anyway I decided to strip them back and redo them!

Heres Colette as she was...


and heres how she looks after her make over...


I'm much happier with how she looks now.  My painting has come on the last couple of months and the difference shown here is literally January to today.

Monday, 28 March 2011

The Dance of the Coryphee

Well I havent posted anything in a while so thought I'd show you the first shots of my Coryphee

I just have to paint the same scheme again for the duet version.  I also purchased a Convict Gunslinger yesterday to add a bit of muscle to the crew just incase I ever need it although these two did me proud yesterday taking out a Desolation Engine and 2 Hollow Waifs in one activation! (Even if I did let myself down with Cassandra when it mattered - you live and learn!)

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Streets of Malifaux - Completed (for now)


Well its finally done.  I have a few bits of white corners to touch up with black marker but its ready for the first game.

I'll get some photos for a battle report when it gets used and see what I might need to add/change around.

Monday, 14 March 2011

The Streets of Malifaux ... cont.

Well its been a few weeks since I did any work on my board as I've been enjoying painting and playing for a change. However I've already invested time and money into it so time to do a bit more.

I've managed to print out everything I need to finish the board and cut out and built up another one of the wall/building sections.


All thats left to do now is cut out the rest of the stuff which is a higher floor level where the red lines are shown with a ramp to access it where the arrow is.


1 more session of building should see it done so might even have it ready for my next game (Wednesday) if I push on tonight/tomorrow.

Best of all it packs down to this size so easy to take to my gaming club.


Saturday, 12 March 2011

Mechanical Doves Are Here!

Well after a long wait (thanks again Maelstrom Games!) my Mechanical Doves finally arrived.

2 of the sculpts, including this one, are great but one of them looks a bit so so (you'll know which one I mean when you see it).  Managed to do this in about 1 hour and looks great on the Fenris Games base.

Malifaux Rules Manual

Well it took some time to arrive (thanks Maelstrom Games!) but yesterday I finally got the new Malifaux Rules Manual.

First impressions after a good read through are that it is a MUST for anyone who plays Malifaux or wants to start playing.  There are quite a few subtle changes in the rules but by far the biggest step forward is the index.

No longer do I spend 10 minutes looking for that particular rule that I know I've seen somewhere but cant find it when I need it.  Another thing is because theres no fluff or major artwork its easier to read which has meant I've seen things in the rules that have always been there but missed reading the original books (spending a soulstone for a healing flip anyone?)

If your new to Malifaux buy all 3 books.  This rules manual is perfect for new comers and to carry to games nights but I would still recommend the first 2 books purely for the artwork, fluff and crew info.

Encore! Showgirls Redone!

Another update of my recent painting exploits.

I recently got to thinking that I had managed to make a huge step forward with my painting eyes and faces and I also didn't like the bases I'd done for my Showgirls crew. I'm playing them more and more as I learn something new every time so I decided to start and strip back the ones I had painted and try again with new bases.

I bought bases from Fenris games after seeing the bases James had got from them. Excellent price (£3.99 for 12 30mm resin bases) and their shipping was really fast too (next day!)

So as a refresher this is how she looked originally...


and heres how she looks with a new lick of paint and the new wooden floorboard bases.


The light is making it look a bit shiny but overall happy with how she came out.

Heres a close up on the face during the painting


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

and now Sybelle joins the Parade!

After 'Uncle Seamus' yesterday I realised I set myself a task in tying in the rest of the Redchapel Gang.  I had to carry on the theme but without making them all look like Captain America.  So I started with Sybelle as not only is she my least favourite model of the gang but the hardest to tie into the theme.

I still have some minor tidying to do and complete the base but just wanted to give you an update as I got some great feedback around Seamus.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Uncle Seamus

Well last night I had a stroke of inspiration for my Seamus colour scheme but like all good plans it changed as I went.

I decided in a Circus Ringmaster style paint scheme with the white trousers, red jacket and black top hat.  Once I'd done the jacket and trousers all I could think of was this...

So out went the Ringmaster and in came Uncle Seamus!

I was really happy how this came out.  I recently seemed to have found a skill in detail and faces and I'm loving that my painting has stepped up a notch!  To anyone struggling I have 3 words...


This has single handedly changed my quality of output so if your struggling with details check that the paint isn't too thick!

I now just have to come up with a suitable scheme to follow through with my Belles.... dont think Uncle Sam would approve of Sybelles attire!