Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Uncle Seamus

Well last night I had a stroke of inspiration for my Seamus colour scheme but like all good plans it changed as I went.

I decided in a Circus Ringmaster style paint scheme with the white trousers, red jacket and black top hat.  Once I'd done the jacket and trousers all I could think of was this...

So out went the Ringmaster and in came Uncle Seamus!

I was really happy how this came out.  I recently seemed to have found a skill in detail and faces and I'm loving that my painting has stepped up a notch!  To anyone struggling I have 3 words...


This has single handedly changed my quality of output so if your struggling with details check that the paint isn't too thick!

I now just have to come up with a suitable scheme to follow through with my Belles.... dont think Uncle Sam would approve of Sybelles attire!


  1. Excellent! Honestly, that is the best Seamus I have ever seen.

    You know have to paint the girls like the WWII we can do it girls.

    Seen here:

  2. Thanks Magilla-really appreciate the comments!
    I like the idea behind that but not quite sure what I can do to help Sybelle fit that style!!!

  3. This is inspiring stuff! Such a great idea and it just *works* for Malifaux too.
    I've been staring at a black primed Seamus for days, trying to think of a colour scheme to no avail. In the end I just made a start on Sybelle instead and I'm hoping something will strike me later!

  4. Thankes mike. I was much the same. Hes a great sculpt and I ddnt just want to paint him the same as everyone else but once the idea came it just flowed. Now Sybelle .... theres a different ball game!

  5. A fantastic paint job. Well exectuted and very original. Probably my favourite version of this model.