Saturday, 12 March 2011

Malifaux Rules Manual

Well it took some time to arrive (thanks Maelstrom Games!) but yesterday I finally got the new Malifaux Rules Manual.

First impressions after a good read through are that it is a MUST for anyone who plays Malifaux or wants to start playing.  There are quite a few subtle changes in the rules but by far the biggest step forward is the index.

No longer do I spend 10 minutes looking for that particular rule that I know I've seen somewhere but cant find it when I need it.  Another thing is because theres no fluff or major artwork its easier to read which has meant I've seen things in the rules that have always been there but missed reading the original books (spending a soulstone for a healing flip anyone?)

If your new to Malifaux buy all 3 books.  This rules manual is perfect for new comers and to carry to games nights but I would still recommend the first 2 books purely for the artwork, fluff and crew info.

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