Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Colettes Encore Performance!

I recently bought some wooden plank bases for my Showgirls and because I had to take them off there bases anyway I decided to strip them back and redo them!

Heres Colette as she was...


and heres how she looks after her make over...


I'm much happier with how she looks now.  My painting has come on the last couple of months and the difference shown here is literally January to today.


  1. She looks amazing and the photo doesn't do her justice, she looks even better in the flesh!


  2. Definitely a big improvement, especially given it's only been a couple of months! I think a big part of the new paint job is the new colour scheme choices. They work a lot better than the original, and the different areas are better defined now.

    Were you new to painting until recently? In my experience and from talking to other people, your painting tends to improve up to some personal plateau, after which you dont get much better, only faster lol. It'll be interesting to see what she looks like if you re-paint her again in a few months time :)