Monday, 14 February 2011


Well it occured to me that you may not know what Malifaux is and lets face it - I didn't until 4 months ago!

Malifaux is a miniature skirmish game which is played with 32mm scale miniatures.  Its based in a steam punk/victorian horror/wild west setting where the town of Malifaux is inhabited by various weird (or should that be Wyrd?!) and wonderful characters from Zombie Hookers, to Bayou Gremlins to a little boy in a nightshirt (yes really!).

It's main point of difference from other miniature games such as Warmachine and 40K is that instead of using dice it uses a deck of cards.  This is a really interesting game mechanic which feels much more cinematic in play than a roll of the dice.

Soul Stones (hence the blogs name) are the comodity used in Malifaux to help you "cheat fate".

If you want to know more check out Wyrd Miniatures site

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