Monday, 14 February 2011

My Blogging Inspiration!

Just wanted to let you know about another couple of blogs that may interest you.  This is a gaming pal of mine and his painting skills speak for themselves!  Check out his models of 'The Dreamer and Teddy' - Amazing!  This is another gaming pal and the 3 of us regularly play Malifaux and got into the game together.  This blog is mainly about his other passion 'Flames of War' but I'm sure you'll see some Malifaux stuff in the near future (nudge nudge James!)


  1. "his painting skills speak for themselves!"

    It would be rude of me to comment on what they actually "say" though :D

    Welcome to blogging Andy, I'm sure Elazar will make it over here soon!


  2. "Amazing!"

    For that, you're my new best friend! :-D

    Where are the pictures from your scenery blog though?! I'm sure everyone will want to see them!

  3. And your Showgirls!

    You need to get your act together and share the lovely pictures! :-)