Friday, 25 February 2011

Sisters Of Battle!

Well I took a little time out of painting my Redchapel Gang while I decide on colour schemes so decided to paint up my Outcast models I won a while ago in an ebay auction but hadn't done anything with as another guy at our club bought the same crew as his first box set and I thought it only fair to let him play them. 

This was really to give me a chance to practice some brush techniques with the thought being maybe I'll sell the crew on ebay all painted or if it takes a while maybe just hang on to them to play later.

....and here it is.  I'm really pleased with how its come out.  I still have a little work on the water and to add some water effect resin to it but overall I think its the best I've painted to date.  Really managed to get the eyes right (first time too!) and get some good highlighting too.  Long may this new found skill continue!


  1. Zee verk is ow you say? Top Notch!

    Really impressed by her Andy, she really looks the business!


  2. Cheers James! It really is the first time I've managed to achieve something like I'd want to.

  3. The model really did turn out very nicely. In particular I like the nice seperation and definition between the cloak and her pants.

  4. Thanks Magilla Gurilla. It was really just an experimentation piece but turned out to be one of the best I've done! I hope they're all like this now!

  5. Looks great Andy. She's definitely your best mini yet. The highlights and shading look good and you've done a really good job on the face, eyes especially!

    Can't wait to see what you do with the Redchapel Gang now! :)