Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Streets of Malifaux

I've recently started to build some terrain for our club games of Malifaux. As it's new to our club we currently trying to make do with old 40K and Fantasy scenery which was fine at first but we're a fussy lot!

I'll start off with the finished base board and then show you how I got there as it's easier to explain when you first see what I was trying to achieve.


This is using print off terrain from Worldworks Games www.worldworksgames.com/

I haven't made it the way Worldworks suggests on their site as it takes AGES to build!  I have precious little time in between having a family and working and I want to spend this playing Malifaux.  So heres what I came up with...

After spending a LONG time making about 6 tiles for the base layer and knowing I had to make about 48 including the second level buildings I decided there had to be a better way.

It came to me whilst out shopping with my wife that these would do the job nicely!


Of course they come in a pack of 8 and I need 9 for a 3'X3' board but £4 for enough to do a 4'x4' was fine.

I printed off the base design I needed


But instead of cutting the lines for making the foamboard tiles I just cut the 6"x6" design


Then taking one of the self adhesive tiles I fliped it over and scored it into 4 6"x6" squares


I could then just peel away one corner and stick down the tiles individually.


Stick all 4 designs on and you have 1 of 9 tiles completed!

If your interested in what I used to make the base level board drop me a comment and I can give you some advice as I spent way too much money getting it wrong before I got it right here.  I'm out of the country this week but hope to get the buildings, ramps and walls done sometime next week.  I'll update once I have something to show.

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