Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A Miracle on Malifaux Streets : Part 2

“I know why you're here Seamus.  You didn’t honestly think that you are the only one who knows about it did you?”
Seamus couldn't believe what he was hearing.  He tried to process what Pandora was saying without physically showing any sign of weakness but it was an impossible thing for his mind to manage.
“Ah so you did?  Really Seamus I expected more from a man of your reputation”
He was starting to feel trapped and desperate now.  Where would he run? What could he do? How did she know? Who else knew?  He never usually reacted like this.  There was no situation that Silver Tongued Seamus couldn’t talk his way out of but this was different.  He could feel her getting inside his head, warping his mind and making him weak.  The feelings of fear and pity going round and round in his head and his strength deserting him.
Give up Seamus. Give up.  You’re no match for her.  Beg for a painless end!
He could hear the voices in his head taunting him.  He’d never given up on anything in his sordid life but it felt like the only option at this moment.  The more she spoke his name the louder the voices got and the more terrified he became, wondering what she had in store for him.  He’d heard the stories of men tearing each other apart in her presence and the desperation that she seemed to bring to her foes but nothing prepared him for this encounter.  Nothing could prepare him for what was to come.
“Can I have his hat?”
It was the boy.
“My friend would love a hat like that…. If I can find him” 
Seamus couldn't understand the bravado of the kid just walking around in his nightshirt, talking to complete strangers like he didn't have a care in the world and asking for his hat.  On any other day he’d have thrown the boy to the Belles but as he slumped to his knees, weak and powerless, he couldn't even muster a word.
“I like to play hide and seek here with him but I’ve been looking for hours and I can’t find him anywhere.  I bet if you gave me that hat he’d come out”
Pandora couldn't believe this kid.  Here she was with Seamus on his knees ready to fall and this brat wants his hat!
“Take it kid.  Seamus won’t be needing it for much longer will you Seamus?”
Give up Seamus. Give up.  You’re no match for her.  Beg for a painless end!
There they were again.  Stronger, more compelling with every chant of his name.
“Cheers lady!” chirped the kid picking up the hat from the road where it lay and giving it a quick rub with his blanket.  “Coppelius! COPPELIUS!” the boy sang.  “I’ve got something for you.  Come out come out wherever you are”
Coppelius?  No it couldn't be.  Seamus had heard the stories of Coppelius the same as everyone else but he’d never seen him.  He knew the Guild was looking for him and so the last place he ever expected to see him was in Malifaux town. 
Coppelius.  Even Pandora was shaken.  So much so that her hold over Seamus began to weaken.  This was going wrong.  That kid was going to mess this whole thing up.  She grabbed the boy by the arm of his nightshirt and dragged him to her.  She held him tight with a hand over his mouth to stop him yelling.
“No you don't little fella.  We don't need any company right now thanks”
The boy struggled, wriggling and kicking to get free but it was no use.  She had him held tight.  It was at just this moment that Seamus began to feel her grip on his mind weakening.  This was his chance to run!  As he began to pick himself up he glanced down the street where his Belles were.  Bloody fools he thought.  They were as vicious as they come but twice as stupid to boot.  If he moved now he could make a run for it.  He stood up and went to grab his hat from the boy.
“Mine I believe” he said grinning.  He wasn't grinning for long
Just as he turned to run he was stopped in his tracks by what he saw.  Pandora saw it too.  She was rocked so much by what she was seeing that she forgot about the boy and he sprung free.
“There you are Chompy!” the boy squealed excitedly.


  1. D:

    Pandora better end up ok Andy, or I'll be very upset! :D

    Great second part, it had better have more to come!


  2. Well its hard to say how it will turn out.... although I could be persuaded!

    Cheers James.